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February 17th, 2007

My name is Melinda, and I’m a Tv-holic. Seriously, I’m really addicted to my tv-series. I think in my lifetime (next week 23 years) I’ve watched more then 100 series…completely. As in: from start to finish, not only watching the occasional episode. I’ll have to look into it to see the exact amount of series (might even be 200 😀 ), but that’s for another time.

For now, here’s a list of what I find are the Top 10 series at the present moment:

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1. Grey’s Anatomy: Shonda Rhimes is just a genius. Although the title character Meredith Grey can sometimes be quite annoying and, as she says so herself, dark and twisty, this serie is so well written. You musn’t forget though: this isn’t a hospital series. It’s a drama/soap that takes place in a hospital. So that means it might not always be “technically” correct (bomb inside a guy, pregnant guy, etcetc). But somehow those crazy cases just amplify the message of that episode. Okay, most of the time I’m not so a fan of things with a “meaning”, but in this case it all comes nicely together. Seriously.

Dr. Meredith Grey: Denial. It’s not just a river in Egypt. It’s a freakin’ ocean.

2. Heroes: Finally, a serie about super heroes! I know, there have been super hero series in the past (to name a few: Smallville, Lois and Clark, Batman, Birds of Prey), but all of those built on an already existing comic book series. The power in Heroes lies mainly in the fact that they have a blank slate. It’s not like in Smallville that you already know in part what will happen to Clark and Lex in the future. Or like in Spiderman/Batman/Xmen that you already know certain characters and villains and story lines. Heroes doesn’t have any rules yet and it is exciting to see what the writers will bring us.

Jessica Sanders: Who needs God when you’ve got me?

3. Dexter: Even though you know you should be completely appalled by what Dexter is (a serial killer), you just can’t help but find him…cute. Michael C. Hall manages to bring a likable edge to the character, while still keeping him very disturbing.

Dexter Morgan: She’s the only person in the world who loves me. I think that’s nice. I don’t have feeling about anything, but if I could have feelings at all, I’d have them for Deb.

4. Scrubs: First, I never liked Scrubs. I always thought it was some immature, gross, hospital comedy. Guess what? I was wrong. Scrubs is one of the most funniest series I’ve seen. Exspecially Doctor Cox’s monologues are a fantastic result of good scriptwriting and perfect deliverance.

Doctor Cox: And the category is…*ding* Things that have a better chance of happening then you winning the lottery. Tedski? 10 seconds on the game clock for me would ya please? Brain transplants, Britney Spears having another hit record, the Rolling Stones going on a farewell tour and actually meaning it, me caring about anything that happens on Wysteria Lane, Jessica Simpson winning an Oscar, Jessica Alba winning an Oscar, Jessica Simpson becoming Jessica Alba Simpson… Time!

5. House : I always liked Hugh Laurie. But none of his roles were ever really worth remembering. Until now. His performance as House is so strong, you just don’t know if you should hate him or love him.

House: Everything’s conditional. You just can’t always anticipate the conditions.

6. Battle Star Galactica: Although I still haven’t seen the third season, this series is a re-invention of Sci-Fi. There’s no corny acting (not too much at least), the decors look good, the special effects aren’t too fake and over the top and the story is intriguing. I look forward to the spin-off serie Caprica (described as a scifi soap) and really have some catching up to do with the current serie.

Number Six: Life has a melody, Gaius. A rhythm of notes which become your existence once played in harmony with God’s plan.

7. Ugly Betty: This is just one of those series that could have failed miserably. Luckily they don’t take themselves too seriously, which just makes this a fun goofy serie to watch. I mean, having Daniels dead brother Alex come back as ‘Alexis’: brilliant.

(after trying the complimentary appetizer) Betty: Hm. Would you say that that “ravished your inquisitive palate”, or “induced an orgasmic explosion of scintillating flavours on your taste buds?

Walter: It’s like eating shaving cream.

8. The O.C.: I know, I know, this series has been cancelled, so why do I have it in this list? Personally, I think the series is better then ever. Since Marissa died, the episodes have been much more fun to watch. Sadly, however, Marissa did have a huge fanbase and that is also the reason the ratings have dropped considerably.

Sandy: Sandy: Since the minute you were born I knew I would never take another easy breath without knowing that you were all right.

Seth: So I’m like asthma?

9. Desperate Housewives: The first time is saw this, I didn’t know what to expect. Looking back, so much stuff happens in that first episode. The second season was a bit tiring, but now with the third season I think there back on track.

Mary Alice: An odd thing happens when we die, our senses vanish. Taste, touch, smell and sound become a distant memory, but our sight? Ah, our sight expands and we can suddenly see the world we left behind so clearly. Of course most of what’s visible to the dead could also be seen by the living, if they would only take the time to look.

10. How I Met Your Mother: Although not the best sitcom ever (will there ever be anything better than Friends?), I think at the moment it’s the only good one out there. The set-up of the series might be a bit weird (a guy telling his kids how he met their mother), I wonder what happens when he actually does meet “the mother”?

Barney: Legendary!

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