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October 20th, 2007

I’m writing this post while in the train to High Wycombe (pronounced High Weecam as the tickets sale guy told me. Why do some English names sound completely different then how you write them?) off to MediaCamp. This is just a quick post to let you know what I’ll be doing the next couple of weeks (and a way for me to kill time in the train).

20 October (aka Today): MediaCamp
22 October: Be Very Afraid IV
23 – 24 October: London Game Fair
23 October: Woman in Games mixer
24 October: Computational Brain
25 – 26 October: Mac Live Expo
25 October: Have I Got News For You Recording
29 October: London Geek Dinner
3 – 4 November: BarCamp Berlin
6 – 8 November: Web 2.0 Expo Berlin
6 November: Girl Geek Dinner Berlin
19 – 20 November: BarCamp London

I’ll update this post with links soon; don’t have time for that now.

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