Interesting links for April 16th through April 22nd:

  • 25 Season 7 Cast Photo – First photo of the main cast of season 7 of 24. I am looking forward to this season; they seem to be taking a somewhat different direction. Some minor spoilers; nothing that hasn’t been shown in the earlier released trailer.
  • Creating ‘The (Former) General’ – Adrian Hon, one of the creators behind We Tell Stories, elaborates on the creation of the latest (and last) WTS story. Beware: don’t read this if you haven’t read the story yet (which you all should do, cause it’s great).
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del Choose Our Adventure Story – For the past 3 weeks the CAD comic did a Choose Your Own Adventure style comic series, with people having to vote at certain stages. Great idea, only it ended way too soon. Btw, check out the story tree at the end.
  • Top 10 Amazing People Who Cheated Death – The human body can take a lot of hardship. Some of these stories are just plain weird and I also question the authenticity of some of them.
  • The Empire Blog: How You Know You’ve Become A Sci-Fi TV Geek – Cute little quiz to see how much of a TV sci-fi geek you are (although I have to say they only mention the mainstream “sci-fi” shows). Without taking point 7 into account (cause that one just doesn’t make sense), I scored 63 points. How geeky are you?
  • Technology moves fast – Funny little post post from Matt Cutts about a book from 1996 he was reading where the character describes a cutting edge system.
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