Where was the kicking, people? Sigh, I’m seriously behind with these trailers and I’ve got long list to share with you all. I’m going to try to do my next post in two days time and then keep this up as a weekly post.

Fugitive Pieces
An indie film, that’s been picked up for a limited release, Fugitive Pieces is about the life of a World War II survivor, attempting to deal with his experiences. While it seems as an interesting enough film, the trailer goes in full blown dramatic mode, with orchestra blazing sentimental musics, snippets from raving reviews of movie critiques and the big trailer voice booming: “…a story about finding ourselves…”. Tone it down a bit, please? [Trailer]

Meet Dave
There used to be a time when Eddie Murphy was actually funny. Why does he continue making these type of movies? Meet Dave is about a crew of miniature aliens whose spaceship has a human form. Murphy plays the spaceship and the captain of the aliens. This just looks so bad and unfunny, I really don’t want to waste my time on it. [Trailer]

Starship Dave

Wargames: The Dead Code
Again another lesson in ‘How not to make a trailer’. Not that there’s anybody out there, who even cares about this movie. It’s a direct-to-dvd sequel of the classic Wargames, but they could have very well just left the Wargames part completely off of it. Yes, both of the films are kind of about the same thing, but this isn’t a sequel. It’s a cheap and easy way to try and attract more simple-minded buyers, who don’t take the time to read the back of the dvd. [Trailer]

Bangkok Dangerous
Even though Nicholas Cage‘s movies have been lately more Miss, then Hit, this one seems actually more than half decent. Cage is a hitman who has a “job” in Bangkok, but can’t pull it off and gets all these nasty people after him (of course). I somehow get the same vibe off of it as some of Cage’s older action movies, like Con Air and Face/Off, and I can only hope this movie is anywhere near as good as those. [Trailer]

Bangkok Dangerous

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Weren’t the dinosaurs extinct before the Ice Age? But now we’re seeing them in the 3rd Ice Age movie? Anyone else see the flaw there? This is only teaser trailer featuring the beloved Scrat, so we haven’t seen anything real about the plot. Except of course that it involves dinosaurs. The 2nd movie wasn’t actually as bad as I had expected, so I’m gonna wait and give this 3rd one also a chance. [Trailer]

The House Bunny
A movie about a Playboy mansion bunny (Anna Faris), who becomes the house mother of a group of socially inept sorority girls; that’s doomed to fail, right? And yet, after watching the trailer, I wasn’t completely appalled by it (unlike Amanda BynesSydney White). It even reminds me a bit of Legally Blond and Clueless. This isn’t going to be a great movie with a good plot and maybe not even good acting, but I think it will be a bit of simple fun entertainment. [Trailer]

The House Bunny

Interesting. And potentially good. That’s what I felt when I saw this trailer. It’s directed by Jennifer Chambers Lynch, daughter of David Lynch and you can see she’s inherited her father’s fondness for weirdness. The description of the movie is “An FBI agent tracks a serial killer with the help of three of his would-be victims – all of whom have wildly different stories to tell.” It’s a German trailer, so the text is in German (luckily it’s not dubbed), but I missed that when I was watching: I thought it was just some weird quirkiness of the film. [Trailer]

Hellboy II: The Golden Army
I didn’t like the first Hellboy, but this trailer has got me psyched for it’s sequel. The plot and background mythology look cool, the visual effects look wicked (although I have to admit sometimes a bit wonky, but that could also be the small screen I got) and some of the creatures look fantastic. My only gripe is with the bad guys; they look a bit too much like the Wraith from Star Gate: Atlantis for my liking. [Trailer]

Hellboy II

Based on the book by Jose Saramago, Blindness is about a doctor’s wife (Julianne Moore) who becomes the only person with the ability to see after everyone in the city is struck with a mysterious case of sudden blindness. This teaser trailer is perfect, slightly lifting the veil so that you know a bit about what the movie is about, without giving anything away. One of the films on my Must-Watch list of this year. [Trailer]

This could be another ‘same old, same old’ serial-killer movie, but by using the concept of anamorphosis we could get a very interesting movie. Anamorphosis is a painting technique where there’s a part of the painting that’s only discernible when using a distorting mirror or when viewed from a specific position. I’m not really sure how this is applied in the movie, but I’m guessing the killer is posing his victims and creating real-life anamorphic crime scenes. [Trailer]