Interesting links for May 4th through May 8th:

  • Wired’s Geekster Handbook, a Field Guide to the Nerd UndergroundCubicgarden sums up my thoughts on this exactly: “But what I wonder is where is the Dj geek? Designer geek? Movie geek? Mobile phone geek? (which I would argue, isn’t the same as gadget guy). Anyway, its all stereotypes and not real. We’re all a combination and we all wear better clothes and don’t look like we just left college.
  • UnderGear: No Boxers, No Briefs – Remember the padded underwear from the International Male catalogue? Well, here’s more from their latest magazine UnderGear (borderline NSFW).
  • Portfolio – Jennifer Maestre – These “pencil-sculptures” from Maestre; they are just gorgeous. They don’t always represent an actual animal/object and I love that they’re open for your own interpretation.
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