Duo Boots

July 20th, 2008

For the past five years, I’ve always owned at least one pair of black knee-high high-heeled boots, which act as my main every day shoes. I’m very picky concerning my boots and each of my past pairs have to be exactly as I want them. They have to be black leather; no buckles, laces or other extra stuff on it; preferably a zipper on the side; rounded nose; high heel, but no stilettos, then again also not too big and lumpy; not too wide; and, most importantly comfortable (if I’m going to walk around all them, they better not only be pretty). Add to that the fact that my feet aren’t the same size and it’s pretty difficult to find a pair of great boots.

So I know all about the woes and troubles of finding shoes that fit and that’s why I like Duo Boots. While not perfect for me (they don’t sell different feet size shoes), they do sell boots where you can specify your calf size and shoes where you can specify your foot width. I know a lot of people who would love this service and it makes sense. It’s all about supplying shoes that fit a person exactly, instead of settling with something that kind of fits. 

It helps that the shoes are also gorgeous. As I said before, I’m most of the time pretty picky, but here there a couple of boots I fallen straight away in love with. They’re a bit on the pricy side, but then you’ll get a pair of boots that fit perfectly on you. For me, that extra cost is completely justified if that means more comfort and less pain. 

Duo Boots are based in the UK with stores in Bath, London, Edinburgh and Manchester and there’s also one European store in Amsterdam. They also have an online store and (if you have a credit card) will ship all over the world.

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