This could be a great movie. It’s based on the same-named book from Chuck Palahniuk (author of Fight Club) and features a sex-addict who wants to sleep with his deranged mother’s doctor. I’m guessing there’s more to the story than only that, but the trailer looks pretty funny. [Trailer]

Ponyo On The Cliff
I love Studio Ghibli movies and this trailer for the latest one is just great. It’s about a 5-year old boy and his friendship with a goldfish princess who wants to be human. The trailer is in Japanese, but the story still kind of comes across. [Trailer]

The Longshots
This movie looks kind of average, a tad soppy, but perhaps an okay family film. Based on a true story, it’s about the first and only girl quarterback in Pop Warner history. What most surprised me of this movie though? It’s directed by Fred (Limp Bizkit) Durst. [Trailer]

Wow. I haven’t read the comic yet, so I can’t say if it stays true to it’s roots, but this just looks amazing. So far I’ve stayed away from anything remotely related to Watchmen, just because I don’t want to be spoiled (I want to read the comic before the movie though). To be honest, I have no idea what it even is about; superheroes, of course, but for the rest… [Trailer]

The Good, The Bad and The Weird
A Korean spaghetti western. Do I really need to say more? This trailer looks like so much fun, I’m hoping it will get picked up for a wider release (it was shown in Cannes, so chances are it eventually will, question is: when is “eventually”?). It’s directed by Ji-Woon Kim, who previsouly did A Tale of Two Sisters and I’m guessing we’ll be taken on an equally weird, yet exhilarating journey. [Trailer]

Surfer Dude
A movie with Matthew McConaughey as a “surfer dude”. I was expecting some Ben Stiller/Adam Sandler type comedy, but it looks different than that. It stars McConaughey as a surfer who due to money problems signs up to be a new Virtual Reality and Reality TV show star. I don’t expect this to be my type of movie, but it still could be funny. [Trailer]

Zack and Miri Make A Porno
This is a Kevin Smith movie, so you should know what to expect from him. Here Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks star as best friends Zack and MIri, who want to solve their cashflow problems by making a porno. The second part of the trailer is a bit crude, but hey what did you expect from a movie about a porno? [Trailer]

Eagle Eye
I don’t get all the hype around Shia LaBeouf. He’s an okay actor and did an okay job in Transformers and Indy IV, but I don’t understand all the fuss about him. Here he plays Jerry, a kid who gets tangled up in a terrorist cell plotting a political assassination. The trailer reminds me a bit of the start of The Matrix without all the sci-fi virtual reality stuff thrown into it. [Trailer]

How To Lose Friends and Alientate People
I normally like Simon Pegg, but this movie just looks too Hollywoody. I didn’t laugh once during this trailer, not a good sign for movie that’s meant as a comedy. Pegg stars as a British writer struggling to survive at a New York magazine. [Trailer]

High School Musical 3: Senior Year
It might surprise you that although I’m a sucker for musicals, I haven’t seen High School Musical. This is actually the first time ever I’ve seen actual footage. And it looks gloriously cheesy as hell! If the previous songs are as catchy as these, no wonder it’s the hit it is. [Trailer]

Terminator 4: Salvation
I’m still not convinced that McG is the right man for this movie, but Christian Bale as John Connor is just perfect casting. This is just a teaser trailer, but you do see some different types of Terminators and I can’t wait to see what else they come up. I only don’t know how they’re going to relate this to the TV show: just act as if that never existed? [Trailer]

Repo: The Genetic Opera
I mentioned this movie way back last October when I did the first of my Trailerrific posts and now finally a real trailer has come out. You know how I love my musicals and this sounds just great. Plus it doesn’t have that cutesiness most musicals suffer from; it’s deliciously dark. [Trailer]

Marley & Me
This trailer was barely worth mentioning; all you see is Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston running after a dog on a beach. It could turn out to be a very lame movie, but it’s directed by the guy behind Sex and the City and The Devil Wears Prada and is written by the screenwriter who did Out of SIght and Minority Report. [Trailer]

The Express
I barely watch sports as it is, let alone American Football. So why would I watch a movie about just that sport? For all the sport freaks out there though, you might want to take a look at this movie. It’s about the life of Ernie Davis, the first African-American to win the Heisman Trophy. [Trailer]

The Perfect Game
Again another sports movie. Yawn… This time it’s about the first non-US team to win the Little League World Series. [Trailer]

Burn After Reading
I’m not a fan of the Coen brothers (No Country For Old Men, O Brother Where Art Thou?), but this movie looks like fun. Both Brad Pitt and George Clooney look hilarious. Pitt stars as a gym employee who gets his hands on a disk containing the memoirs of a CIA agent. He decides to use it for blackmail, but gets himself only into more trouble. [Trailer]

For a completely Russian produced piece, this looks pretty amazing. Drama, love, bombs, it seems to have all the makings of an epic war movie. It stars Konstantin Khabensky (from Nightwatch and Daywatch) as Admiral Kolchak, a war hero who falls in love with his best friend’s wife. [Trailer

Cheese alert! And not the good type of cheese either. This movie just looks so bad, I won’t waste any words on it further. [Trailer]

I wonder what and how the reactions of this movie are going to be. It doesn’t seem to be offensive or so, but then I’m not religious at all. It seems to be a great documentary on the current state of world religion and moreover Bill Maher’s take on it. [Trailer]

Babylon A.D.
How can we make a movie look more epic than it actually is? Simple: just add Lux Aeterna as the score to the trailer. Seriously though, this looks pretty cool. It’s not going to win any Oscars or anything like that, but it will be a great action-packed summer movie. [Trailer]