Legend of The Seeker

August 8th, 2008

I mentioned in a previous post back in January that The Sword of Truth fantasy series by Terry Goodkind was picked up by Sam Raimi for a possible TV show. Well, now the promo’s out and it’s been renamed to Legend of The Seeker. Take a look at it yourself:

Hmm. I’m still undecided. It doesn’t look as bad it could have, but then we haven’t seen any of the main characters open their mouths. I think it really depends on the acting chops of Craig Horner (Richard) and Bridget Regan (Kahlan). I’m hoping they’ll go the Stardust way instead of the Xena way. It’s a very close line, cause Stardust was a tad cheesy, but there they managed to balance it with the right atmosphere.¬†

Both main actors are relative newcomers; they’ve both done their share of TV show guest appearances, but this will be their first real starring role. I like the look of Bridget Regan; she somehow does fit my idea of Kahlan. But could they have done without the low cut dress? Craig Horner as Richard… I’m not sure yet. He’s got the right sturdy look, but I’d pictured someone older and larger.

I want this show to work out, not just because I liked the books. These books were the first fantasy books I ever tried, and while by far not the best out there, they’re still part of my triyearly re-reads. No, I want this to work out, because I’ve been saying for years that movies won’t do a fantasy book justice, but maybe, just maybe, a TV show will. Chances are high though that I’ll be thoroughly disappointed by this, so I’m not expecting that much. It’s better to be surprised by awesomeness, than to be let down by unimpressiveness.

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