I’ve never been the type of girl that spent hours daydreaming about and planning her wedding (I much rather daydreamed about… ooh, wait a minute, that’s a good idea for a blog post, you’ll just have to wait and see). I am though a sucker for pretty dresses and some of these of Disney Fairy Tale Wedding Dresses are just gorgeous (and some are just plain¬†hideous).

There are six character lines to choose from: Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Jasmine, Ariel and Belle. The idea is that each line of dresses ‘captures the unique spirit and beauty of each Disney princess’. Each Spring/Fall line has 3 different styles (so far in total there are about 9 different dresses per character). Here are a couple of the dresses:

disney_weddingdress_cinderella_1 disney_weddingdress_cinderella_2

Cinderella is ‘classic glamour’.

disney_weddingdress_sleepingbeauty_2 disney_weddingdress_sleepingbeauty_1

Sleeping Beauty is ‘regal radiance’.

disney_weddingdress_snowwhite_1 disney_weddingdress_snowwhite_2

Snow White is ‘sweet elegance’.

disney_weddingdress_jasmine_1 disney_weddingdress_jasmine_2

Jasmine is ‘bohemian chic’.

disney_weddingdress_ariel_1 disney_weddingdress_ariel_2

Ariel is ‘sexy and sultry’.

disney_weddingdress_belle_1 disney_weddingdress_belle_2

Belle is ‘stylish sophistication’.

Check out all the dresses at the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings website.

(Photos courtesy and copyright of Disney)

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