The 7th Syndikate

September 17th, 2008

I don’t think I should be writing about them. But I had to see if there were more people out there. Others who were contacted by… the 7th Syndikate. All I know is that they’re a state-funded organization interested in me and others like me. And they are watching every single move I make.

I should start at the beginning though. Two weeks ago I received the following email from TRUST.NO.ONE with as subject “The grey jackal skips joyfully across the pond”:

Don’t turn away from your screen; they may already be watching.

We like your type. You came to our attention with your recent piece on We Will Rock You and how you secured special discounts at short notice, as well as gaining access to Brian May himself. In the next couple of days someone from our organisation will be in contact. If you don’t hear from us by then, destroy all evidence of our correspondence.
For now, it doesn’t matter who we are, suffice to say we’re a state-funded organisation interested in your skills.

Curtis TH-915


When you went to the website mentioned at the end ( at that time, you got a Error 707 page with this text:

You cannot display the webpage

Most likely causes:
– Civilian internet cookies
– Browser incompatible with intelligence channel terminals
– You’re not very bright

What you can try:
– Figure it out for yourself

Checking out the source quickly revealed that “bright” was a link. Clicking on that led to these messages:

A couple of days later I received another email with as subject “Step from the shadows and show us your true colours. Signals can only be hidden in plain sight”:

There is always much room for fending off the hunger demons, wine can dull the senses, stay on guard. 

Place the following message in a public communication to your comrades – dim3 ak7ion – this communication is sensitive, but shouldn’t place you in direct danger. We have agents ready to fight the fires that may rise. You could become one of them.

I wasn’t sure what to make of it. It didn’t seem there was a “next” step. Some people seemed to think it was connected to a Doppler and Monocle event going down tonight and I was convinced it was… until I received another email today:

Hi Melinda,

You’ve been activated; you will now be known as X?X?X?  The password to gain basic clearance is Asylum. You will then have to pass another test. Be patient and look for terms with which you are already familiar.

Date of next communication: 16:00, 17/09/08 

Be ready for action: 18:45, 24/09/08

This email had as subject “Be mindful of the tiger with the wooden leg. You are one of us now. You are protected”. I’ve taken out my new user name out of the above email (I don’t trust you all enough with that information).

After logging in on the updated page, you get a big lap of text about Nuclear Artists and a big shiny countdown counting down to the 24th September. One word popped out Dymaxion (= dim3 ak7ion) and clicking on that led to a list of Google search results of ‘dim3 ak7ion’. 

And now I’m stuck. I’m not sure what to do. Who is the 7th Syndikate? What are they planning? What is Dymaxion? And why have they chosen me?

I guess at the moment all I can do is wait until their next message.

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