Another Threadless Sale

November 25th, 2008

By now you should know my addiction to Threadless T-shirts. They have some of the cutest/weirdest/geekiest tees out there. Ever since I bought my first one 1.5 year ago, I’ve been wanting to get more. So far I’ve got 6 tees myself and have bought 6 tees for other people (they make great Christmas presents).

So why this post? Threadless has another sale going on! And this time tees are going for $15, $10 and even only $5. Now that’s a bargain! Here are some of my favourite tees:

Beastly Planet:

The Food Chain:

Well, This Just Really Sucks…:

The Sound of Colour:

Infamous Mishaps Throughout History:

So head on over to Threadless to get yourself some brilliant T-shirts!

Tags: Fashion, Geeky