New York Became My Canvas

February 17th, 2009

New York Became My Canvas:

I wanted to make my mark on America before I left. And I wanted the world to see it.

Day 1

In a few weeks time I leave New York.
I’ve had some good times here. Met some cool people. And some real jerks.
I’ve seen a new President take office.
I’ve seen the Jets blow it again.
I’ve seen more movies than I can remember.
And I don’t believe I’ve cooked myself a meal more than once.
America has made its mark on me and I really want to make my mark on America.

Day 2

As I looked out of my window on the 57th floor of the Empire State building inspiration struck me. I know what I must do.

Day 3

I’ve spoken to some friends back home and a lot of them want to help me pull this off.

Day 4

We’re on. This is going to happen. Greg is flying in tomorrow with the tech gear.

Day 5

It’s all going to be in the planning now. It’s all very well me saying, “I¹m going to do this” but now I’ve got to put the hours in. I’ve got to get the maps and overhead shots sorted out by the time Greg gets here. Shouldn’t be wasting time typing.

Greg has landed. No problem getting equipment through customs -he looks so trustworthy.

Day 6

Route planned. Up most of the night with a jet-lagged Geordie drawing and then re-drawing about it.

Cops turned up at one point. They stayed outside our block for ages. Really scared me. Thought someone had been monitoring me. Turns out there was a domestic across the street.

Greg had brought everything around with him. We were told it would be a doddle but we don¹t have a clue what to do with it.

Had to Skype Benjamin in London. Thank God for geeks. He may know a little more about Star Wars than is right for grown man but he makes anything simple for simple folk like me.

Day 7

Plans all in place now: we know the route we’re taking, we know when we’re doing it, and I even know which button to press.

Greg managed to sort out a helicopter. Was amazing to look down on the city one last time totally amazing perspective. Made me realise how incredible what we’re about to do will be.

Need to get a good night’s sleep if that’s possible. My heart is racing and my brain feels like I’ve had twenty quadruple espressos in the last five minutes.

Will put Hunky Dory on and see if I can drift off.

Day 8

D-Day. I can’t really believe that this is happening. I won’t have time to write today. I hope it goes to plan. It’s going to take hours but as long as the satellite stuff works everything will be fine.

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