I’m liveblogging this from SocialMediaCamp. We’re halfway through the day and so far it’s been a great event. Lots of interesting talks and a great atmosphere.

One of the sponsors of SocialMediaCamp is Bview and they’re holding a competition to win 99% off anything you want (up to £500)! You have to write a blogpost about it before midnight tonight and email them at competition@bview.com.

So: What Would I Do With 99% Off Anything I Want?

Ooh, tricky question. There’s still so many gadgets and things I’d like to have. A PlayStation 3. A video camera (maybe something simple like a Flip). A Nintendo DSi. A voice recorder (people who follow my tweets will know why). Another camera lens. More shoes (how can you not want more shoes?!). More clothes (again: how could you not want more clothes?!). 

I finally figured it out though: something that’s lately taken up a lot of my time. If I could get 99% off anything I want, I’d get:

The Ultimate Geeky Boardgame Collection!

I’d try to get as many of the best boardgames as possible, filling my house with boardgame madness. I love the site boardgamegeek.com and they’ve got a top 100 list of the highest rated boardgames. I don’t own any of the top 25 and I would love to get as many from this list as possible!

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