100 Days: Day 1 to 10

April 24th, 2009

I kind of failed my previous set photo challenge 52 Themes; I just couldn’t get around to keeping track of when I had to make what type of photo. Plus I hadn’t uploaded a photo to Flickr for almost a month. So I set myself a new challenge: uploading at least 1 photo for each day for the next 100 days. So it’s not a real project 365, I’m not taking a photo every single day. Shouldn’t be too difficult, right? As long as I have an internet connection 🙂

Day 1: This photo is from one of the buildings here near us. It just looks so dreamy, and it has a great view over the Thames.

Among The Clouds

Day 2: I love puppets. The Muppet Show. Avenue Q. The Storyteller (especially this!). I’ve always loved the shows that feature these type of puppets.


Day 3: This photo from my little sister (Cassie) is from more than a year ago (I think, it’s Christmas 2007); she’s way more photogenic than I am. I really like how it came out, cause it was shot with my old Casio Powershot.

Little Sis

Day 4: I passed this Christmas stall last December on the Southbank. It’s only later at home when I discovered it’s full of elephant items!

The Elephant In The Room

Day 5: This turned out slightly blurrier than I hoped for, but still like the result.

Mr Macho

Day 6: I like modern architecture styles; this one is mathematically pleasing to the eye 🙂

Building Blocks

Day 7: This was taken during the training of the world championship for Labyrinth, a cool social game. It involves drawing a “maze” (it’s not really a maze, it’s just one path) on the floor with chalk. Then one person is blindfolded in the middle and has to find his way out of the maze as quick as possible. The other people have to be the walls of the maze and are only allowed to humm to give tips on which way the blindfolded person has to go.


Day 8: I got to go to The Gadget Show Live last Saturday, a cool gadget exhibition in Birmingham. These are Sony Ericsson’s new Bluetooth watches that can act as a remote to your mobile phone. Pretty cool!


Day 9: I love the oldish feel of this photo, wish I could figure out how to pull this off with more of my photos.


Day 10: Gravity. According some people that’s how your supposed to pronounce “graffiti” (I’ve always believed it’s grah-vee-tee). Which has always annoyed the hell out of me.