Yep, I’ve jumped on the Instagrom bandwagon. I never really “got” it before, but since getting an iPhone it just makes it so much easier to share and prettify your photos. Here are a couple of cool shots I took the past 2 weeks:

Docking in Dover.

Poffertjes! (mini pancakes)

Dusty says good morning.

Casey likes cuddles.


Dusty puts on his big puppy eyes look.

Time to make some awesome chilli!

Hallo Aloha Hello

As a kid I used to love Lego, and I always find it cool when it’s used in interesting and different ways. This is such a fun photo series by Elroy Klee, called Mindplay: bricks on me, where he gave his models Lego as hair! Can you imagine how uncomfortable that must be? Also, I’m guessing the model in the first photo has her head bent like that, cause otherwise the Lego wig would fall off.

Via FashionablyGeek

I still got a box full with Angry Birds toys, and yesterday I decided to have some fun with them and my cats.

And… I’m holding a competition on Twitter so that you can win one of these adorable birds! To enter the giveaway, just tweet about this blog post including a link to it and the hashtag #missgeeky. I’m not sure yet how many of these birds I’ll giveaway (I still have to see how many I exactly have), but the winners will be announced next Monday.

1, 2, 3 And Pose…

June 29th, 2010

It’s Cristiano’s birthday today! One of his presents was a shiny new flash for his camera (from my parents and me) and he’s slowly learning how to use it. Which meant I got to pose and pretend to be a model for him…

Playing with the Nikon SB-600

These first 3 were taking during the afternoon with the flash beside me. I love how the top one turned out!

Playing with the Nikon SB-600 Playing with the Nikon SB-600

We also took a couple at night:

More playing with the SB-600

I’m really not good in knowing how to stand or where to put my hands/arms and even what the best angle of my face is for a photo. Plus I completely don’t know anymore how to smile prettily with this braces. A model’s job is pretty tough!

More playing with the SB-600 More playing with the SB-600

What do you think? Do I have a shot of becoming London’s Next Top Model? 😉

I love these photos from Amusement featuring game consoles as buildings:


Cool, right? I wish they’d make more of these. Like can you imagine how a GameBoy building would like? Or an Xbox building? Check out the Amusement site for larger versions of these photos.

Here are some photos from my Doctor Who day two days ago. We arrived at Sheffield station to discover… Daleks!



It was pretty awesome; they weren’t just still-standing un-interactive Daleks. No, these were walking (well, rolling) around and commenting on people. I loved how when I got close to one (with huge camera in hands) it said: “You would make a good Dalek. You are like a mini Dalek.” (don’t forget to read that sentence with the proper Dalek voice, otherwise it’s not that impressive).




There was even a cosplay 11th Doctor:



And of course the obligatory photo of me with one of the Daleks:

Me and My Dalek

If you want to see more photos, check out my Dalek Flickr set.

As usual I’ve been pretty behind with editing and uploading my photos lately; I definitely have to get more of a routine going to actually keep up that stuff.

Yesterday I went to Opentech, an informal, lowcost one day conference on technology, democracy and community. I’ll try to write up something about it soon, but for now here’s a pretty picture I took of the Open Rights flyers:

Your Rights

As I mentioned in the SocialMediaCampLondon2 blog post a couple of weeks ago, that day ended with a Photo Scavenger Hunt. It turned out to be hilarious! 

The rules were simple: Kat (from SafetyGoat) had created a list of items, which we had to find and take photos of, and each item would be awarded a number of points. You could score more points per photo if the photo was funny, or had at least one team member in it. I joined a team with Cristiano, Kevin and Farhan, and we called our team The Auto-Savers, in reference to Kat having lost the first version of the scavenger hunt list (because she closed the file without saving it).

The items on the list were ranging from simple to absurd; here’s a sample:

A jogger – 5 points

A Canadian flag – 10 points

Hamburger sauce – 10 points

Person with bright pink shirt giving thumbs up – 15 points

A unibrow – 25 points

Genuine celeb – 30 points

We had a great start, finding a lot of the items immediately. Here’s a couple of our photos:

Social Media Camp 2 - Scavenger Hunt
A square (with team members!)

Social Media Camp 2 - Scavenger Hunt
Person with bright pink shirt giving thumbs up

Social Media Camp 2 - Scavenger Hunt
Kevin with onions

Social Media Camp 2 - Scavenger Hunt
Someone on rollerblades

Social Media Camp 2 - Scavenger Hunt
Me pouring a pint

The most surprising, amazing thing that happened to us though? We met Catherine Tate! (and unintentionally managed to annoy her) Our team had split up at the Waitrose in the Brusnwick Centre to find a couple of the items, leaving Cristiano at the front of the store with the camera to take photos whenever the rest of us had found something. We all came back to Cristiano discussing something about some item, only to have him shush us and whisper “I think Catherine Tate just walked past us”.

We didn’t believe him at first, but on closer inspection it turned out it was actually her! I walked up to her and asked her autograph, while Cristiano took a photo of us. She mistakenly thought he was paparazzi and turned irritatingly away from him; I apologized and said he was with me. We tried explaining the photo scavenger hunt, but by then she was already annoyed we had disturbed her shopping:

 Social Media Camp 2 - Scavenger Hunt

Still pretty cool, right? After that we wandered around for a little while, before heading back early to the pub to meet the other teams. In the end we won with a massive 470 points! If I remember correctly that was about 100 points more than the runner-up (so even if we hadn’t gotten our celebrity, we still would have won). The prize was a Hot Rod toy car and tickets to Spring Awakening (more about that another time). 

It was a fun end to an already great day, and I love to do something similar again. Anybody else interested in organizing our own scavenger hunt?

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I’m not sure how comfortable these seat belt camera straps are, but they sure look gorgeous:


You can get them at for $20 and they’re available in 4 different colours (Porsche Purple, Mercedes Gold, T-bird Teal, and Dodge Silver).

Via Swiss Miss

100 Days: Day 1 to 10

April 24th, 2009

I kind of failed my previous set photo challenge 52 Themes; I just couldn’t get around to keeping track of when I had to make what type of photo. Plus I hadn’t uploaded a photo to Flickr for almost a month. So I set myself a new challenge: uploading at least 1 photo for each day for the next 100 days. So it’s not a real project 365, I’m not taking a photo every single day. Shouldn’t be too difficult, right? As long as I have an internet connection 🙂

Day 1: This photo is from one of the buildings here near us. It just looks so dreamy, and it has a great view over the Thames.

Among The Clouds

Day 2: I love puppets. The Muppet Show. Avenue Q. The Storyteller (especially this!). I’ve always loved the shows that feature these type of puppets.


Day 3: This photo from my little sister (Cassie) is from more than a year ago (I think, it’s Christmas 2007); she’s way more photogenic than I am. I really like how it came out, cause it was shot with my old Casio Powershot.

Little Sis

Day 4: I passed this Christmas stall last December on the Southbank. It’s only later at home when I discovered it’s full of elephant items!

The Elephant In The Room

Day 5: This turned out slightly blurrier than I hoped for, but still like the result.

Mr Macho

Day 6: I like modern architecture styles; this one is mathematically pleasing to the eye 🙂

Building Blocks

Day 7: This was taken during the training of the world championship for Labyrinth, a cool social game. It involves drawing a “maze” (it’s not really a maze, it’s just one path) on the floor with chalk. Then one person is blindfolded in the middle and has to find his way out of the maze as quick as possible. The other people have to be the walls of the maze and are only allowed to humm to give tips on which way the blindfolded person has to go.


Day 8: I got to go to The Gadget Show Live last Saturday, a cool gadget exhibition in Birmingham. These are Sony Ericsson’s new Bluetooth watches that can act as a remote to your mobile phone. Pretty cool!


Day 9: I love the oldish feel of this photo, wish I could figure out how to pull this off with more of my photos.


Day 10: Gravity. According some people that’s how your supposed to pronounce “graffiti” (I’ve always believed it’s grah-vee-tee). Which has always annoyed the hell out of me.