As some of my Twitter followers may have noticed yesterday I wanted to do something crcreative with butternut squash. I got a lot of replies back suggesting curries, but I settled on something (in my eyes) simpler: gnocchi.

I didn’t make the gnocchi itself from scratch, but everything else (= the sauce) I pretty much did. Here’s how it turned out:


For those of you who might want to recreate this dish, here’s the recipe:

– Gnocchi
– 300 gr Butternut Squash
– 300 gr Mushrooms
– 3 strips of Parma Ham
– 200 ml Creme Fraiche
– Garlic, Thyme and Pepper

First I put the butternut squash for half an hour in the oven (in a buttered oven dish). The gnocchi you just have to prepare as it says on the package (2-3 minutes in boiling water). Then it’s basically just throwing the mushrooms, parma ham and butternut squash together in a pan. After a couple of minutes, add the creme fraiche, the spices and some water, and Tada! That’s it!

Easy, right?

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