How To Get Cheap Glasses

June 23rd, 2009

During my trip to the Netherlands last month, I finally visited the optician again to get my eyes checked for the first time in two (maybe even three) years. It was a bit of a surprise how much worse both my eyes had gotten; I’ve now got -4.00 in my right eye and -4.50 in my left (with a cylinder of -1.75 in both).

I got a complete new set of contact lenses, but didn’t really want to shell out +£50 for a new pair of glasses. I mean, 90% of the time I’m wearing my contacts anyway, but I do need a set to wear during the evening. Wearing contacts the entire day and staring at a computer screen, means (with me at least) that by the end of the day my eyes are dried out and I need to take my lenses out.

I kind of gave up on getting a new pair of glasses and thought I’d had to live with using a set with the wrong strength. But then I stumbled on an offer from SelectSpecs. For only £5 you could get a set of full rimmed glasses: frame, lenses with UV Protection, Anti-Reflection, and Scratch Resistant Coatings, add to that £3.50 for shipping, and for £8.50 you’re done.

I ordered the following pair (the Jacranda design) this morning:


Of course, the downside is that I wasn’t able to try them on and see how they fit, but for only £8.50? It’s a much better solution than keeping on using my current glasses with the wrong prescription, or buying an expensive pair which I won’t use that often. I’ll let you know how the quality of the glasses are once they’ve arrived, but they seem pretty okay.

I’m not sure how long this offer from SelectSpecs is going for, but even then their normal glasses are pretty cheap compared to other places. Check out their website for more details.

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