Interesting links for June 17th through June 23rd:

  • Plastic Flashback: A visual history of the credit card. – Interesting little piece on the backstory of the credit card.
  • The Uniform Project – 1 Dress, 365 Days. Cool project from a girl who's wearing the same dress for 365 days, but uses accessories/layers to create different outfits (not sure, but I also think there's the rule: no using the same accessory twice)
  • The Usability of Passwords – Great post about the security of passwords. If you've never understood why simple words like "sun" won't do as a password, read this. It also explains why "pass-phrases" are better than random letters/numbers.
  • Grilla styling – Blog about the Grilla styling "game". Two girls, two cameras, 52 cards with random colours, countries, styles, etc on it. Walk into a store, take 2 cards and you've got 10 minutes to create that look. I loved the combos the cards create like "Welsh Navy" or "Gold Emo".
  • Alice and Kev – Brilliant experiment about Alice and Kev, two homeless characters created in Sims 3. It makes me want to try out Sims 3 for myself and create my own characters.
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