Amelia: A look at the life of legendary American pilot Amelia Earhart (Hilary Swank), who disappeared while flying over the Pacific Ocean in 1937 in an attempt to make a flight around the world. I think this could put Swank as a contender again as Best Actress at the Oscars this year.Release Date: October 2009 (US), November 2009 (UK)

The Invention of Lying: A comedy set in a world where no one has ever lied, until a writer seizes the opportunity for personal gain. Starring Ricky Gervais, Jennifer Garner, Tina Fey, Rob Lowe, Jonah Hill.Release Date: September 2009 (US), October 2009 (UK)

Inglourious Basterds: There already have been a couple of trailers out for this Tarantino flick, but this French one has a completely different vibe to it. During World War II, a group of Jewish-American soldiers known as “the Basterds” are chosen to spread fear throughout the Third Reich by scalping and brutally killing Nazis. The Basterds soon cross paths with a young French girl named Shosanna who runs a movie theater in Paris that is frequented by soldiers. Release Date: August 2009 (US, UK)

Couples Retreat: A comedy about four couples who head to a tropical resort for a vacation. While one of them is there to work on their marriage, the others fail to realize that participation in the resort’s therapy is not optional. Release Date: October 2009 (US, UK)

The Informant: The government decides to go after an agri-business giant with a price-fixing accusation, based on the evidence submitted by their star witness, vice president turned informant Mark Whitacre (Matt Damon). Release Date: October 2009 (US), November 2009 (UK)

Planet 51: Because Ice Age is out in cinemas today, a couple more animation trailers have been released. This is the second trailer of Planet 51, where its inhabitants live in fear of alien invasion. Their paranoia is realized when an astronaut arrives from Earth. Befriended by a young resident, he has to avoid capture and recover his spaceship. Release Date: November 2009 (US), December 2009 (UK)

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs: Another animation trailer! This time it’s the second full length trailer for Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. Inspired by Judi and Ron Barrett’s children’s book, the film focuses on a town where food falls from the sky like rain. Release Date: September 2009 (US,UK)

Forbidden Reality (aka Smersh XXI, aka The Interceptor): Based on the novel by popular sci-fi writer Vasiliy Golovachev, the film is about an agent who is betrayed by his partner while transporting a new psychic weapon. Believed to be dead, he escapes and takes new identity so he can live in peace. But is later forced to return to Moscow to confront a secret organization. The trailer is completely in Russian (without subtitles) so it’s a bit difficult to follow what is happening, but the visuals look pretty cool. Release Date: unknown

Trailers courtesy of FirstShowing