Interesting links for July 20th through July 27th:

  • Melancholia – I didn't say she stole my money. A sentence with 7 meanings.
  • Comic Con Live Blog: CHUCK Panel – Great write up of the panel of Chuck at Comic Con. I loved how Season 2 ended, and I think Chuck might be one of the most under-appreciated shows at the moment.
  • Flickr: The Anaglyph (Red-Cyan 3D Pictures) Pool – I remember ages ago I got a magazine with photos of Mars in them in 3D, and you got one of those flimsy paper red/green 3D glasses with it.
  • Ridiculous Life Lessons From New Girl Games – Ugh, list of the "girl" games coming out this year, and most of them are horrible; they're all about fashion, modeling, makeup, boys, etc. Why do game developers think these are the only type of games girls would be interested in?
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