I’m slowly making my way through most of the Comic-Con panels, but as I’ve said before a lot of the ones that were uploaded straight away though are crappy mobile phone type videos. However, I love that most studios are beginning to realise that it’s much better to edit the videos themselves and make it available for fans. What better way to attract more people to next year’s event than showing how awesome it was this year?

One of the surprising new shows this year was Fringe. When I first heard about it, I thought it was a bit of rip-off from X-Files. It’s got some similarities, but I love the direction it has taken, and the characters are just adorable. There are two videos from Fox of the Fringe panel at Comic-Con, but they both get pretty spoilery (so if you haven’t seen the first season of Fringe yet, don’t watch this):

The second video is of the fan questions:

I always find it a bit surprising to find that certain actors have a completely different accent in real life (both “Walter” and “Olivia” are Australian), but it only epitomizes how much actors put into their characters. I’m really curious to see where the next season is going, especially with the character that was revealed at the end of the last episode.

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