The Lovely Bones: Centers on a young girl who has been murdered and watches over her family – and her killer – from heaven. She must weigh her desire for vengeance against her desire for her family to heal. This is directed by Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings, King Kong), and while somewhat controversial I think it looks amazing. Release Date: December 2009 (US), January 2010 (UK)

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The Vampire’s Assistant: Based on the Cirque du Freak novels from Darren Shan. Pulled into a fantastic life of misunderstood sideshow freaks and grotesque creatures of the night, one teen will vanish from the safety of a boring existence and fulfill his destiny in a place drawn from nightmares. Release Date: October 2009 (US, UK)

I Sell The Dead: 18th century justice catches up with a pair of grave robbers. With only a few hours to go before his date with the guillotine, Arthur Blake (Monaghan) tells his life story to Father Francis Duffy (Ron Perlman). Before long, Arthur spills the beans on how he got started in the grim corpse peddling business with seasoned ghoul Willie Grime. This just looks so unusual and fun; definitely going on my “to-see” list. Release Date: 7 August 2009 (US)

The Other Man: Starring Liam Neeson and Laura Linney, this is the story of a husband who suspects his wife of adultery, and then sets out to track down the other man. I’m not too sure about this, although Liam Neeson might be enough for me to want to see it. Release Date: September 2009 (US)

The Blind Side: A poor, oversized and under-educated teenager is recruited by a major college football program where he is groomed into an athletically and academically successful NFL prospect. Based on Michael Lewis’ book. Apparently most of the movie is about football, but the trailer barely shows any of that. It could turn out fine, but Sandra Bullock seems horribly miscast. Release Date: November 2009 (US)

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell: A guy tries to patch things up with his soon-to-be-married pal after botching things up at his bachelor party. Based on Tucker Max’s best-seller. This just looks horrible (plus I can’t believe it’s based on a “bestseller”, who reads this type of thing?). Release Date: October 2009 (US)