A couple of months ago I came across this cute jewelry brand via The Style PA. It’s called Fairytales & Post it Notes and everything about it is just so cute! The name, the designs, the site, I love it all.

Here are a couple of my favourite products:

Letter in Envelope Necklace: Envelope necklace with its own “I love you” letter inside. Also has its own little birdie on the side. £15

Fairytales And Postit Notes - Letter In Envelope

Telescope Necklace: Fully working extendable telescope necklace for you to keep a close eye on all those important things. £25

Fairytales And Postit Notes - Telescope

Pocket Compass Necklace: Antique style pocket watch style compass – so you’ll never loose your way. Fully working push button mechanism. £28

Fairytales And Postit Notes - Pocket Compass

Sandtimer Necklace: Sandtimer necklace for those all important deadlines. £16

Fairytales And Postit Notes - Sandtimer

Bird & Cage Earrings: £6.50

Fairytales And Postit Notes - Bird and Cage

Via The Style PA