Just a quick post (from out the Apple store) about an event I’m going to tonight. I’ve been invited to the launch of two new flavours from Smirnoff: Green Apple and Lime.

The cool thing is that for this launch they’ve got a 10 meter long ice sculpture of the London skyline at Covent Garden. Awesome, right? If I’m right it should be on the north side of Covent Garden Piazza from around 18:00 on. If you decide to show up and have a look, don’t forget to mention my blog (Miss Geeky) and you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win Smirnoff Green Apple and Lime take away packs.

I’ve gotten access to the sampling area, where I’ll be trying out these two new (hopefully) tasty flavours. I’ll try to blog about them, whatever cocktails they come up with and the massive ice sculpture some time this weekend.

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