Me Wantz: Piniwini Bookshelf

November 27th, 2009

And yet another bookshelf I so want to have (maybe I should start another recurring post for bookshelves, I’ve still got a whole list of pretties that I want to share with you… any name suggestions? Book Beauty? Library Lust? Shelftastic?).

Me Wantz Piniwini Bookshelf

The Piniwini design is pretty neat (take a look at the brochure if you don’t yet understand how it works), but the price tag? €51?!? For just one pin. The book space-t0-price ratio is so not worth it (although I’ve ended up now with a big lumpy cupboard, that only fits on one spot in our entire house, just because this one could fit tons of books… without realizing 3 rows of books in front of each other means I don’t actually see my pretty books).

Via swissmiss