It’s officially December! Time to bring our the Christmas carols and decorations. It’s less than a month to Christmas, so I thought I’d help out all those wonderful people who will have to buy presents for me. My birthday is only 2 months after that, and I always end up just using the same wish list.

I read tons of books, so this first part just contains the books I want. Look at all those pretty covers! (Just click on the images to go to Amazon and see more details).

Books from writers of which I’ve already read previous books:

Shadow-Queen Santa-Olivia Naamah's-Kiss

Forgotten-Truth The-Decoy-Princess High-Kings-Tomb

Gateway Dark-Moon-Defender Archangel

Priest-The-Extremes Priest-Affirmation The-Glamour

Books from writers I’ve never read before:

The-NIth-Circle The-Red-Tree the-road

Eon-Dragoneye-Reborn The-Looking-Glass-Wars Thief-With-No-Shadow

Graceling Wolfblade-Fallon Lion-of-Senet

The-Book-of-Joby The-Way-of-Shadows The-Handmaid's-Tale

Mirror-Mirror Empire-in-Black-and-Gold Under-The-Dome

Magic-Bites The-Blade-Itself The-Name-of-the-Wind

I’ve also finally set up my GoodReads account with all the books I’ve read. Well, that’s not completely true; it contains all the books I’ve got here in the UK in my bookcase and all the books I remember reading. I know there’s a plank at my parents with some books I couldn’t get through, and I don’t think I’ve added all of those (another thing to go on my TODO list when I’m in NL).

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