I should have done this last week, but because of my arm, I’m really running way behind with my blog posts. It’s already feeling better though, so staying completely away from my laptop is doing the trick.

This post is kind of a round-up of the contests I’ve held during the holidays, finally announcing all the winners. Thanks to everyone who entered, I loved reading all the comments that you entered. For each of the contests I did a random draw, picking 1 person to win.

So to start things off, the winner of the Moon DVD is:


With the comment:

Moon’ was pretty great, an interesting exploration into humanity and identity, emphasised by a fantastic score by Clint Mansell and compelling performance from Sam Rockwell. And Gerty. I love Gerty.

In terms of fave sci-fi films, I’d have to echo ‘Sunshine’ and also ‘Gattaca’, ‘Twelve Monkeys’ and ‘The Matrix’. But I think one film that’s stayed with me even more than those is ‘The Prestige’. Although I’ll probably change my mind tomorrow!

Labelling ‘The Prestige’ as sci-fi does give away the game a bit but that’s not such a big deal in the context of the ending. Certainly a film that deserves repeated viewings. Great little cameo from David Bowie, brilliant central performances from all the lead actors and Christopher Nolan does his usual, impeccable work in the director’s seat.

The winner of the World of Warcraft books is:


With the comment:

Awesome giveaway! I’ve been into gaming ever since I could hold an SNES controller. My parents thought I was too distracted from studying playing with the playstation and soon the ps2. And they were right! Since I’m in an art school now, I’ve been viewing videogames as a modern art form. It’s a good excuse to play good games so I can study and know what makes them good.

And finally the winner of the Lush goodies is:

Cecilie Harris!

With the comment:

It always smells very good when I walk into a lush shop, and there are so many things I haven’t tried yet. I love the smell of xmas (yes I know it’s over, but still), so anything with spice and cinnamon. Also love the smell of vanilla.

Congratulations, you three! Thanks to everyone else that entered, keep an eye on the blog cause ‘m sure to do more giveaways in the future.

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