I’ve told you here before about how my family watches tons of sports: football, tennis, Formula 1, skating (speed and figure), darts, basketball, cricket, the list goes on and on. I never really got into watching any sports at all, putting all my spare time into movies, TV, games and reading. But there’s one sports legend I wish I could have met: tennis star Jacques d’Azur.

I think that’s mainly because Jacques d’Azur isn’t only a tennis player; he’s so much more. Chess master. Actor. Director. Producer. Backgammon champion. Waterskier. He’s amazing. For the past 30 years he’s been a bit of legend at the Cannes Film Festival, having starred in, directed and produced a number of the festival’s biggest hits (read more about him here). I’ve always wanted to go to Cannes, if only just to meet him and get an autograph.

Jacques d'Azur at Cannes Film Festival

But now it seems that won’t be possible. A month ago he and his yacht ‘Bridgette et Anne’ both vanished near Tahiti last month. There was one last reported radio contact from him, but since then nothing has been heard. It’s been over a month now and none of the searches have found anything. Where is Jacques d’Azur?

I hope this is all just a silly mixup and that he’ll appear at the Cannes festival end of next month acting as if nothing is wrong. But I’m scared it isn’t; I’m scared that we might have lost one of the most talented individuals the world has seen.

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