I’ve been meaning to write about the Elephant Parade for weeks now! And now they’re almost gone…

For 2 months 258 elephants livened up the streets of central London, each painted, decorated and designed by a different artist. The Elephant Parade is a campaign to highlight the cause of the endangered Asian elephant, urging people to sign a petition to help save these elephants.

Elephant 187 - Heavenly Jewel

Last weekend was the last chance to see all the elephants on the London streets, and I have to say it seems emptier with them now gone. The elephants are now almost all at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, while a couple are at Westfield Shopping Center. Monday will be your final chance to see them!

I got a bit addicted to these elephants and got the urge to photograph them all (Gotta catch em all…). I came pretty far with the final tally coming to 238 (although I still have to see if I’ve got all 238 photos). I only missed 20 of them! I’m going to try to make it to the Royal Hospital on Monday to see those final 20.

Elephant 85 - Sans Merci

I loved seeing all the different elephants, and some of them are truly special. Most are painted beautifully, but there are some unique ones with a twist. For instance, there was one near Tower Bridge which had a miniature Elephant & Castle city within it, with viewing bubbles, so you could look inside. And there was one completely covered in pennies. And another covered with Swarovski crystals. There were so many gorgeous designs, it was definitely worth checking out all of them.

I’ll do another blog post later this week, once I’ve uploaded all of the photos, with what my favourites were. Did you enjoy the elephants? If so, which one was your favourite? And have you signed the petition yet?

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