In San Francisco!

October 26th, 2010

It’s 9am here and I’m enjoying some nice breakfast at the Moscone center in San Francisco. All ready for the PayPal X Conference!

PayPal X Developer Conference

We woke up yesterday morning at 6am London time, way too early for me, especially cause I’d been going to bed at 4am most of the previous days, staying up to play Batman: Arkham Asylum (which I managed to finish, although I was only playing on easy mode). Anyhow we got to the airport at 8, with time to spare for checking in and some nice English breakfast. At 10 we were finally allowed to board the plane! I managed to move my seat, so that I could sit next to Cristiano on the flight.

The flight went great! I slept for half of it or so, and spent the other half finally playing Myst. I never played it before, and being stuck in a plane without any internet connection to ‘cheat’ is the best way to play it! I think I might have given up on some of the puzzles waaay earlier, but here I actually figured out most of the stuff myself. We arrived 13:30 in San Francisco (21:30 in London), half an hour earlier than expected!

Our hotel is pretty awesome; we’re at the Parc 55 hotel in a 23rd floor room. The view is gorgeous, we can’t see the bridge, but it still looks amazing.

We ended our day with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I had gumbo for the first time (nice and spicy!), but ate too much to actually have some cheesecake 🙁 I’ll definitely need to come back this week to try some out!

So that was pretty much my first day. I’ll try to update some more the next few days, although I don’t have a great connection in the hotel. Still can’t really believe it, but I’m in San Francisco!!!!!

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