Event Report: Dexter Live

December 2nd, 2010

I got invited last week to a special event for the UK dvd release of Dexter’s forth season. To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting much of it. I thought it would just be the usual: a screening of one of the episodes, hang around a bit with other bloggers and enjoy some free food. I was even thinking of cancelling, but then the day before the event I got an email finally revealing where the screening was held…

The Old Abattoir. Ooh, spooky. So last Thursday I made my way up to Farringdon (surprisingly the same street as where we held BarCampLondon 8 a couple of weeks ago) to the Old Abattoir. The fun already started at the entrance when we had to duck under yellow crime scene tape and plastic sheets to get into the building. Led by a friendly “cop” with a torch, we were led down the stairs into the basement where a murder was just committed.

Dexter Live 9

The atmosphere was awesomingly spot on. The entire place was dimly lit with tons of smoke half obscuring the body in the corner and the CSI agents working on analyzing the murder. Cuban music, red wine, donuts and a hot dog stand were all provided for and fitted so well in the Dexter theme. After half an hour we all settled down to watch the final episode of season 4. It was great seeing the episode again, but seeing it in that environment made it so much creepier!

The night wasn’t over though. Within seconds of the episode ending, a woman suddenly started shrieking. Someone had been killed! It turned out to be a guy who I’d been talking to earlier who was a huge Dexter fan and had been so happy that he had won tickets to this evening!

Here’s a video about the event:

I can’t believe the amount of effort the PR team put into this event! It was so much fun and not what I was expecting at all. More screenings should be like this!