Trailerrific: Mass Effect 3

January 6th, 2011

One good thing that came from being sick the past 3 weeks was that I finally was able to finish Mass Effect, jump right into Mass Effect 2 and complete that too. I’m now so looking forward to the next and final part!

I’ll do a full review some time soon, but Mass Effect is a great game for sci-fi fans. I realized that for me it really fills the void left by sfi-fi tv shows. It’s like a mix of Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek, with it’s own epic world of space exploration and aliens. I know I’m way behind on this (Mass Effect 1 came out in 2007), but it’s a brilliant game and a good place to start if till so far you’re a non-gamer.

And finally here’s the trailer for the 3rd part: