Tee-rrific: J!NX Regiment Tee

February 9th, 2011

You all know how much I love my geeky tees; if you’ve seen me around at events, you’ll have seen me wearing some of them (although I also have my fair share of pretty dresses). I can’t resist some of the tees I come across online; I’m starting to run out of cupboard space!

So when J!NX asked me whether I’d like to try some of their tees, I of course went “yes!”. They sent me a selection of three tees, of which the Regiment one is my favourite:

J!NX Regiment Tee

I don’t usually like white tees (for obvious reasons), but I’m really digging this one. The black and turquoise design is great and I love how it looks paired with my purple top! The tee is a little bit on the thin side and is a tad see-through (you can’t get away with wearing a bright pink bra under this), but that lighter design is perfect for layering.

J!NX Regiment Tee

The tee is available on J!NX.com at the moment for only £15 (three different types: girly, guy and guy premium).

J!NX Regiment Tee

I’ll be posting photos of the others tees later this week. But check out J!NX for more geeky designs!