I’m slowly realizing there are too many awesome TeeFury designs, and I cannot buy them all *sniff*. This latest one from John Sumrow should satisfy the Venn group of Doctor Who fans and art buffs.


It’s available from TeeFury for the next 5 hours only!

So I realize I pretty much have a weak spot for any t-shirt designs mashing up Studio Ghibli movies with any-other-geeky-property. The one I currently really want? The Guardian’s Delivery Service:


It’s on sale (today only!) at TeeFury as part of their battle, but it’s loosing against Galaxy Forest Conservation Program:


Which one is your favourite?

I recently bought two tees from TeeFury (La Petite Sorcière et Le Chat Noir and Big Friend) and it turns out the base design of both of those are featured in today’s TeeFury Battle!

I didn’t think another Le Chat Noir variation could beat my Kiki’s delivery Service one, but Toothless is so adorable:


Then there’s the My Neighbour Totoro inspired Toothless one as well (although this time I think my Bioshock version wins)


Like them? Both tees are only on TeeFury for the next 5 hours!

I love Stitch. Ever since I saw Lilo & Stitch 12 years ago, he’s been one of my favourite Disney characters; I even got to pose with him at Disney World!

Add to that my love of Firefly and of course I neeeeed to get this tee:


It’s only $20 at Teepublic.

I love the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney, so seeing it mashed up with Star Wars: awesome!


The tee is (as usual with TeeFury) available for just one day for $11. It’s designed by Karen Hallion:

This design was inspired by the Haunted Mansion ride at the theme park, which is my all-time favorite ride. The ballerina in the stretching room portraits always reminded me of the Princess because of her buns, so I decided to do a mash-up series of Star Wars and those portraits. This is the first in the series and I had so much fun integrating Star Wars elements into this design.

Ooh, I can’t wait to see what the other three Haunted Star Wars designs look like!

TeeFury has another TwoFury Battle today and this time both designs are Miyazaki based! The first one is from Kiki’s Delivery Service and the second one is from My Neighbour Totoro.

I loved Kiki’s Delivery Service (more than My Neighbour Totoro I have to admit) so obviously that tee is my favourite:


Both designs are available for the next 19 hours for just $11! Which one is your favourite?


It’s Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary today! I watched The Day of the Doctor episode this evening and wow, I loved it. So to celebrate that here are two awesome Doctor Who t-shirt designs from Threadless.


This one is Adventure Awaits from Karen Hallion. It’s not the first time I’ve blogged about her awesome designs; check out more of her Disney + Doctor Who pairings in this post.


The second one is Journey Through Space and Time by Leo Canham. I love the simplicity of this!

I’m gutted I missed this t-shirt design on TeeFury a few days back:

Minions Have The Phone Box

Despicable Me minions and the TARDIS! TeeFury only sells each design for one day, so there’s no way to buy this one at the moment, unless it’s voted up again.

It’s August! I don’t think Ive ever had this long a drought on my blog: only 2 posts in 2 months. It’s finally settled down a bit though in terms of busy-ness, so hopefully I’ll find some time again to write.

I’m so addicted to Threadless tees and they keep coming up with themes that I want. So far this year we’ve had Disney Villains, Iron Man, Nightmare Before Christmas, The Muppets, Toy Story… damn them, there are just too many cool designs. And now: TMNT tees. Want!

There are 15 tees in total, but I’ve featured my favourite ones below:

Shredder Wants You!

Shredder wants you

Turtles! To Battle!

Turtles to battle

Face Your Doom!!

Face your doom

Enemy Reflections

Enemy reflections

Hero Halfshells

Hero halfshells

Tonight I’m finally going to see Iron Man! It’s been out since last week, but with Cristiano being away and me starting a new job, we just haven’t found the time to go see it. But tonight that finally changes…

So to celebrate that, today is Iron Man Day on Miss Geeky!

I’ll be bringing you a couple of posts all about our lovely Mr Stark. This first one is all about T-shirts: Threadless released 22 (!!) Iron Man tee designs and they all look great. I’m not going to show all of them here, but I will highlight a couple of my favourites. If you want to see them all, head on over to the Threadless site.

Melting Point

Melting Point



Speed and Velocity

Speed and Velocity