In the days leading up to the last Barcamp London (back in November) Tom Scott asked if I wanted to help out with one of his projects: You Against The World. The idea was to do a live quiz, with the 100 people in the audience answering questions (through these cool multiple-choice handheld thingies), but also allowing players online to participate. I think we even got #yatw to trend on Twitter that evening!

I got to be the co-host for the quiz, doing the behind-the-scene game control and giving random bits of info about the answers and online players:

It was great fun recording this all! I’m not great on camera (I still look like a complete idiot every time I try to smile with my braces), but that’s exactly why I wanted to do this. I still get so nervous any time I’m in front of a camera and really need to get over my nerves. And what better way than practice?

For more info about You Against The World and to see more of Tom’s projects, check out his website.