Last weekend I volunteered at the LinkedGov HackCamp, a 2 day hackday for developers and designers to come up with some cool uses for government data. There were some awesome hacks, and overall the entire weekend was a great success.

We did however end up with a little bit too much food. For some reason our curry order included a huge bucket with over 5 liters of mint sauce (seriously, 5 liters?). Tom had the crazy idea to use that leftover sauce for a bottle rocket…

So after we wrapped up the HackCamp a small group of attendees went to a local park, to witness the launch of a mint sauce bottle rocket:

I was standing a safe distant away, so managed to stay clear from the splashing sauce, but Tom and the two camera guys (Julien and Alex) were completely covered in sauce! And from where I was standing I managed to get this awesome shot:

Mint Sauce Bottle Rocket

Here are some more shots from before and after the launch: