Given that I love La La Land and most of the TV shows and movies referenced in this, it wasn’t a surprise that I’d love the opening number from the Golden Globes last weekend!

Nobody expects the lady code troll:

Love this!

I’ve been slowly making my way through all the Studio Ghibli movies, and it’s so cool to see some of the characters transposed over real life footage!

It’s less than 4 weeks till Christmas, and I just can’t wait to get into the proper Christmas spirit! This new short movie/ad for H&M was directed by Wes Anderson – I can’t but help have a stupid grin on my face because of it:

Great talk from Lena Reinhard, comparing being in tech with being in space.

This Kenzo World ad has been making the social media rounds the last few weeks and I can’t stop watching it! It’s directed by Spike Jonze and the first thing that did come to my mind when seeing it the first time was how similar it felt to Jonze’s previously directed Weapon of Choice for Fatboy Slim.

Of course within a couple of days a mashup appeared of the two videos:

This 10 minute talk by David Marquet got shared last week at work and I just love the ideas behind it. David tells his story of when he became captain of the USS Santa Fe, and started treating his crew as leaders, not followers:

Marquet has also written a book about this topic called ‘Turn The Ship Around!‘, which goes into more detail on how to apply Marquet’s approach to create a workplace where everyone takes responsibility for their actions. I’ve just started reading it and so far it’s great.

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Video of The Day: The Present

February 11th, 2016

On Monday we watched this great talk by Lily Dart as a Talks We Love session at FutureLearn, where we pick a talk that someone has seen and then discuss with everyone what we might want to change in our own team. I love the points that Lily makes about how everyone in the company is responsible for the user experience, not just the “user experience” designers: