Interesting stuff I’ve come across this week:

  • Cat vs Human: spot on. Most mornings at around 6am the cats will start being annoying. Well, it’s mainly just one of them (Casey), but he’ll start knocking off stuff from my bedside table or the table in our living room. The best way to get them quiet again is to give a bit of food, but sometimes even that won’t help. Btw, if you’re based in San Francisco, Cat vs Human will have a book signing there on November the 9th!
  • Star Trek Quiet Book: Aw, this is just too cute!
  • Why Cleavage Is Bad For Crime Fighting: I completely agree. Some outfits would just be so unpractical!
  • The Prestige of Being a Web Developer: Great presentation/blog post from Christian Heilmann on how the three acts of magic tricks can be applied to web development.
  • The Surprising Science Behind Smiles: Interesting Wired interview about smiles (I used a lot of the same theory in my research).
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