I’m in The Times!

December 12th, 2011

A couple of months ago I got asked whether I’d be interested in “contributing” to an article in The Times about different trends/tribes, with one of the trends being “girl geeks”. After waiting for weeks, that article is now finally live! It was in last weekend’s Saturday Review and was also online on the Times site (it was briefly accessible for some people, but it’s now disappeared behind their paywall).

I'm in The Times!

It’s interesting to see which bits of the interview they ended up using. I think I talked with them for half an hour about all the different events I go to and organize, and it’s weird seeing a very condensed version of what we talked about. I’m also pretty sure that last sentence is not an exact quote from me; I said something along those lines, but I know I did not use the word “entrepreneur” (you know how most people will have a couple of words that they always struggle with and can’t pronounce? “entrepreneur” is one of my words, whenever I attempt to use it, it comes out more like “en-en-en-en-…” ).

And then there’s that photo… I think I look a bit awkward in it, but then I had no idea how to pose with the iPad (if this was my best one, I dread to see the photos that they rejected). I wish I had bought actual props with me, instead of just a geeky t-shirt (which you can’t even see!) and an iPad. I’m still wondering what I should have bought along; what do you think would have worked?

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