Me Wantz: 5 Geeky Necklaces

February 2nd, 2012

I need more geek jewellery! I realized that even though I often blog about these awesome geeky necklaces and earrings, I never actually end up getting them. That needs to change!

Here are 5 awesome necklaces I’ve come across, now I need to decide which of these to get (well, which of these to get first, eventually I hope I can just get all of them). Plus it’s my birthday soon…

1. HTML Glass Pendant – $23 on etsy

2. Portal Necklace – $16 on etsy

3. Pacman Ghost Necklace – $18 on etsy

4. BSG Pilot Wings – $32 on Her Universe

5. Caffeine Molecule Necklace – $85 on ThinkGeek

So which one of these should I get? I think my favourite one is the Portal necklace, although the html one comes closely behind that. I also really like the caffeine molecule, but I think there should be cheaper options out there.

Which one is your favourite?