Ooh, most of the networks have released trailers for their new Fall TV shows! There are some shows that show potential, some that don’t grab me at all (but will do well with others) and some that I think just will fail miserably. I don’t think I’ve seen a trailer yet that’s screamed at me: “oh my god, oh my god, this is so awesome, I need to go watch that”.

First network I’m covering is CBS who are premiering 4 new shows this Fall: Elementary, Vegas, Made In Jersey and Partners.


*cough* Sherlock rip-off *cough*

I think if BBC’s Sherlock hadn’t happened, then this would have looked potentially interesting. Then again if BBC’s Sherlock hadn’t happened, this wouldn’t have either; it’s clearly riding the coattails of the buzz that Sherlock created (and the Sherlock movies with Robert Downey Jr.). I like the twist of making Watson female, and the leads look like they have chemistry, but I’m scared that this is going to be very procedural (don’t forget, it is CBS).


When I heard the description of this I wasn’t interested at all. But seeing the trailer with Dennis Quaid, Michael Chiklis and Carrie-Anne Moss has got me a bit more interested. Very curious to see how this does.

Made In Jersey

I think this will go on my To-Watch-If-I-Don’t-Have-Anything-Else-At-All. It looks like it could be fun, but I don’t think it will survive a full season.


Will & Grace 2.0. I’ll give it a go, cause of Michael Urie and Brandon Routh, but I didn’t laugh at all during the trailer (not a good sign).