Time to announce the winners of the latest two MissGeeky Giveaways! You guys left some great comments on both posts with your favourite scifi movie and the create your own movie challenge. So who won?

The first giveaway winner was drawn randomly and will receive two Babylon 5 DVDs: The Gathering and The Lost Tales.

Drumroll, please! The winner is:


With the comment:

I once wrote to Patrick Stewart to ask him to do a book signing at the retail shop I used to run. He refused as he didn’t have the time but was so lovely about it. How could anyone not adore him?

With the second giveaway I was giving away two copies of Skyfall, one of which was for the “best”/most creative/fun answer and one of which was drawn randomly.

Drumroll, please! The first winner is:


With his comment:

Easy. It would be about a chainsaw wielding gang of giraffes called ‘The Long Horses’ who run riot around London bumping into people without apologising, standing on the left of the escalators, asking for Big Macs in Burger King and so on. Turns out they are simply misunderstood and are protesting the lack of tall, edible trees in the city and they just want equality for all giraffes.

I’d have Tom Selleck play the lead giraffe.

And the second winner is:


With her comment:

I’m no good at thinking up movie ideas – something kick ass and inspiring, something you could watch to cheer you up, or motivate you. Maybe something with FemShep 🙂

Congrats to all the winners and enjoy your prizes! For those of you that didn’t win, why not try out my latest giveaway for The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks?

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