30 Things: Part One

February 24th, 2014

I turned 30 yesterday! I had a great day; lunch and boozy milkshakes at the Diner, shopping for books and dresses with my brother and sister, and a fun dinner with friends. We also ended the day on Trafalgar Square climbing the steps of Nelson’s column, waiting for the Big Ben to chime (which we then completely missed). I love living in London.

Two months ago I got this brilliant idea to do a 30 Things Before 30 list; 8 weeks is plenty of time to tick off everything on that list, right? Turns out it really wasn’t, especially not when you’re moving to a new flat and going 2 weeks on holiday. Obviously I failed miserably, but thought I’d give it another shot: a 30 Things While 30 list!

I’m also splitting it up into 3 parts in the hopes that it becomes a bit more manageable. So: 10 things I need to do in the next 4 months. All of these are easily doable and they’re all things I’ve planning to do the past 2 years, but never got around to:

  1. Visit Seckington
  2. Play Hint Hunt
  3. See Les Mis
  4. Read The Prestige
  5. Make my own ramen
  6. Finish an online course
  7. Go to a spa
  8. Build something with Arduino
  9. Run 10k
  10. Visit an overseas city I’ve never been before

Doesn’t sound too tricky, right? Let’s see if this time around I actually find the time to do these things!

Tags: Geeky