Interesting links for March 11th through March 20th:

  • A la Cart: The Secret Lives of Grocey Shoppers – A book by Hilary Carlip about discarded shopping lists. Based on 26 lists she’s found, she creates and imagines the people who would have written them and turns herself into those characters. Take a look at the flash intro; it explains it all.
  • We Tell Stories – Six authors, six stories, six weeks. For the next six weeks, stories will come out, each with a different unique method of presentation. This week’s The 21 Steps, for instance, uses Google Maps.
  • By Ken Levine: If a major studio gave notes on JUNO – What if the screenplay of Juno had landed in the hands of a major Hollywood studio? Can you imagine what the demands of the studio would have been? How the story would have been rewritten?
  • Interview: David Hewlett – Great interview with Hewlett who plays Dr. Rodney McKay in Stargate: Atlantis. It’s cool to see how much of a geek he is himself.
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Interesting links for March 7th through March 10th:

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Interesting links for February 27th:

  • Evolution of Nintendo Characters – The various depictions of Mario, Link and Donkey Kong throughout the years. Those last ones though aren’t in-game, right?
  • Playboy Towel – When you hear “Playboy towel” I bet you’re thinking it’s a pink towel with the rabbit on it, right? It isn’t. This is slightly different. I can’t imagine a girl actually getting this towel and using it.
  • The neurobiology of the Mona Lisa’s smile – Pretty neat explanation of why Mona Lisa’s smile looks so mysterious.
  • mydeco – Cool design-your-room web app. Not the first of it’s kind, but better than the ones I’ve seen so far.
  • Hitchcock Classics – Again the collection of Hitchcock photos, but now from the original source (Vanity Fair).
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Interesting links for February 23rd through February 25th:

  • The Clbuttic Mistake – The Daily WTF – Hehe, brilliant. A clbuttic tale. Another reason to always proofread anything you write.
  • Dating Sites For Geeks – For all you single geeks out there: The Great Geek Manual got a list of all the geek dating sites out there. Find your own geeky girl/boyfriend.
  • Spell with flickr – Cool little site that let’s you create words with images from flickr.
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Interesting links for February 17th through February 22nd:

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Interesting links for February 9th through February 12th:

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Interesting links for February 8th:

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Interesting links for February 7th:

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Interesting links for February 5th through February 6th:

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Interesting links for February 2nd through February 3rd:

  • Top 15 Clever Adverts – Some very interesting advertisement campaigns. A couple I had seen before (the camera lens is a bus wheel and the jaws of a shark bus doors), but most of them I had never seen before.
  • 20 of the Best Evil Lairs and Criminal Hideouts | Geek About – Great list of the lairs and hideouts from villains of movies.
  • Forbidden Kingdom Posters – Ooh, this posters from the Forbidden Kingdom are pretty! I always like those promotional one-sheets, featuring only one character. The image they make when they’re hung up together is much more convincing.
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