I can’t wait to get my hands on the new Tomb Raider! It came out a couple of days ago and I’m so curious to see how it is. From what I’ve seen it still feels too much like Uncharted rather than the Tomb Raiders of old, but I’m willing to give it a shot. I won’t be getting it straightaway though; I’m still playing Bioshock 2 and haven’t even gotten around to starting Dishonoured and a ton of other games. As much as I want to play Tomb Raider, I think I’m better off playing the stuff I haven’t finished yet, before buying a new game.

I am tempted though by these tops from the official Tomb Raider store. I love that for once there’s quite a good range for women, and not just the obvious tee. I think my favourite is the Sisters of Artemis pullover; I think that would look great with shorts and boots!

Icon T-Shirt ($20):


Sisters of Artemis Slouchy Pullover ($40):


Shield T-Shirt ($20):


Skilled Fighter T-Shirt ($20):


Survivor Dolman ($24):


Escape Raglan ($32):


Again I kind of want to get one of these tees, even though I still haven’t played the game yet. Which one is your favourite?

Tee-rrific: Time Fiction

January 22nd, 2013

Doctor Who meets Pulp Fiction. Awesome. It’s only available for the next five hours though on TeeFury, so get it while you can!


I still can’t quite believe that it’s been 10 years since Firefly aired on TV. Or that it’s been 7 years since Serenity was released in cinemas… have I made you feel old now? To cheer you up, here’s a shiny Firefly tee: The Good, The Bad and The Shiny ($24.54).

There’s also a Walking Dead one that uses the same principle: The Good, The Bad and The Hungry ($28.91).

I went on holiday and I saw: a Weeping Angel, a sonic screwdriver and a dalek. This t-shirt design from Don’t Blink Tees (Doctor Who tees FTW) is awesome:

You can get it for $20 on a standard t-shirt or for $24 on an American Apparel fitted t-shirt.

A while ago I saw this cool tee on Threadless called Come Away With Me featuring the Tardis/The Doctor and Cinderella:

That tee is sadly sold out now, but it turns out that it was designed by artist Karen Hallion and she’s done a couple of other cool Doctor Who and Disney mashups. You can check out her DeviantArt page and her etsy shop where she sells prints of her illustrations.

My favourite design of hers is Part of Every World and is currently on sale as a tee-shirt on Ript:

Besides that tee, she’s currently got one called Adventure Awaits with Belle from Beauty and the Beast as a submission on Threadless; hopefully it will be made!

Finally I found two other Doctor Who related ones on her DeviantArt page. The first is with Rapunzel (You Comin’ Blondie?):

The second with Jack Skellington (Who’s This? Who’s This?):

Cool tees, right? I wonder which Disney character the Doctor will visit next…

Tee-rrific: Soufflé Girl

November 7th, 2012

I can’t wait till the new episodes of Doctor Who start again! 48 days till the Christmas special… I’m super curious to find out who/what Jenna-Louise Coleman will be playing and how that character will be connected to Oswin Oswald.

This is the first tee I’ve come across to feature Oswin, but I’m pretty confidant we’ll see more based on her in the future (well, more based on this other new character at least). The tee is $25.97 on Redbubble.com.

TeeFury has another TwoFury Battle! This time it’s Daft Punk versus Ash from the Evil Dead trilogy. I love both designs, but I think the Daft Punk one is my favourite!

Currently the Daft Punk is winning almost twice as many sales. Both designs are only available for the next 10 hours from TeeFury. Which one would you choose?

This isn’t fair! Why do Threadless keep on making awesome tees that I have to own?! The Nightmare Before Christmas is one my favourite movies; I try to rewatch every year near Halloween. Threadless recently held a design challenge to create a tee based on the movie, and the chosen designs are so awesome.

My favourite is The Starry Nightmare one (although the t-shirt photo is nicer than the normal image. Sidenote: why is girl in the photo wearing polka dot leggings?? No. Wrong. Go back to start.). I’d love to have a print of this on my wall; can you imagine this one alongside a print Van Gogh’s Exploding TARDIS? Which tee is your favourite?

The Starry Nightmare

The Nightmare

Jack & Friends


Oogie Boogie

And Sit Together, Now and Forever

Making Christmas

Jack Skellington’s Christmas Plan

I love Threadless t-shirts. I’ve got so many of them now that I’ve forced myself to stop buying them, especially cause I don’t actually tend to wear t-shirts that often anymore. I still love their designs though, and these new Disney Villains ones are gorgeous enough to make me want to break my non-buying ban!

In June/July of this year Threadless held a design challenge for people to design a tee based on the Disney Villains. Just like the Disney Princesses these don’t contain all the villains that appear in the Disney movies, just the most prominent ones (hmmm, maybe not even the most prominent ones, I’d say the ones that are most obviously “evil”). Threadless has now published the results of that challenge, and they’ll be selling 15 (!!) tees based on some awesome designs.

Retro Villains

Mistresses of Evil

Magnificent Maleficent

Queen of Dragons

Wicked Wiles

Dangerous Things

The Blackbeard’s Boatswain


Casting Shadows


The Sea Witch

Lost in Spots

Puppy Love

All Powerful

The Queen

TeeFury is holding a TwoFury! A battle between two tees: which one will win? My favourite of the two is Kaylee’s Shiny Spacecraft Repair:

Awesome t-shirt! If I didn’t have so many t-shirts already, I’d so get this one! It’s also currently winning from the other design by quite a bit. I think that’s because the other one isn’t quite as obvious:

Jurassic Park meets Baby from Dinosaurs. I like his other catchphrase better though: “Not the mama!”