I just read on the AICN site this description of a movie in development called Mr Nobody:

It’s set in the near future and focuses on Leto who reminisces at the age of 120 about his marriage. Some of it is real, some of it is imaginary. Oh, and he’s also the last mortal man on earth. Every other person is happily immortal.

It sounds a lot like a short story I read in the Elemental anthology called The Last Mortal Man by Syne Mitchell. That was actually my favorite story from that whole anthology. The story is told from the perspective of the live broadcast from the last deathbed in human history. The viewer (= the reader) can experience the memories of the last mortal man Lysander Sterling by connecting with their “full emmersion units”. The story then alternates with the memories that influenced Lysander’s choice not to become immortal and the actual broadcast with interviews from family, friends and nanology specialists. I guess, nanology is supposed to be some form nanotechnology; it’s described as it will “replace your cells with perfect replication and error checking”.

I’m not sure if the movie is based on this story, but so far it does sound a lot like it. I know, I know, most probably there have been million incarnations of this type of tale and I’m only focusing on one of them. Who knows? Maybe this movie is completely original and will leave us jaw-dropping surprised (not very likely with my track record). I’m definitely going to keep my eye on this one and if it is indeed based on The Last Mortal Man: I called it first!

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