Last week it was confirmed that McG is officially signed on to direct the fourth Terminator, horribly named Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins. I honestly don’t think McG is a good choice for this movie. Although I’ve only seen his Charlies Angels movies, I’m not sure his style would fit with this type of action movie (the last thing the Terminator franchise needs is more cheesiness).

I’m trying to figure out how this movie will fit in the storyline of the previous Terminator films and more importantly the Sarah Connor Chronicles (SCC) tv-series. SCC will already have trouble with the whole time travel conundrum, but <SPOILER ALERT> they’re kind of resetting it by jumping into the future </SPOILER ALERT>. So how will T4 deal with this? FirstShowing reports that the movie will be about this:

The story will focus on John Connor organizing the surviving humans to resist Skynet’s army of robots. It will take place after the apocalypse (the end of Terminator 3) and likely feature the “origin” story of terminators – “the first time a human looking robot is used to infiltrate the ranks of people.”

I love the premise of the movie; finally a future was ravaged Terminator world! But it still doesn’t clarify exactly how SCC will relate to this.


What’s really got me psyched about T4 (I should actually call it TS:TFB, but I adamantly refuse, it’s a horrid, horrid name) is the following news/rumour from Ain’t It Cool News:

Hey folk Harry here. Just got off the phone with an extremely trusted source who has never been wrong before. he revealed exclusively to AICN that in the upcoming McG reboot, TERMINATOR SALVATION: The Future Begins, that they have cast CHRISTIAN BALE as none other than JOHN CONNER. you folks know what that means…THIS IS GOING TO KICK ASS!!!

Wow! Christian Bale as John Connor? That could actually work! If this is true, then somehow in my mind this movie has no possibility of failing. The writing can be sucky, the directing can be crap, but as long as it’s got Christian Bale in it…swoon. I’m hoping though that it will be more than just a Christian Bale swoonfest; with all the right ingredients and preperation this could be a deliciously enjoyable movie.

Christian Bale

Looking at the plot, I’m also wondering which other characters will be in the movie. Reese, perhaps? You know, the best friend of John Connor, who was sent back in time to protect Sarah Connor and ended up being his father? And, oh yeah, dies? That would give some great emotional conflict to the movie: “He’s my father! But he doesn’t know it yet! I have to send him back into time, otherwise I won’t exist! But I’m sending him to his doom! What to do! What to do!”

Here’s fingers crossed that McG won’t screw it up completely and that Christian Bale really has been cast in this!