A Video A Day: Werewolf Night

February 7th, 2008

Episode 37: “Moo…”

Yesterday evening Cristiano organized the first Werewolf night of 2008 and as usual it was a couple of hours of great fun, including a lot of accusing, lynching and mooing the Star Wars theme. There was a great round where Ian basically gave himself away as the werewolf and another round where I tried to be the seer while I was the werewolf, but failed miserably.

Sadly we didn’t video it, which would have been a lot of fun. I realised though that I never posted the videos from the evening of the first time I played (thanks Guy for posting them!). The first is an explanation of the rules, which were explained specially for me and and the camera. The second is of one of the games we played, where I unfortunately am killed during the first night. Damn you werewolves!

Here’s the Werewolf Wiki, if you want some more information. We’ll try to organize another Werewolf night somewhere beginning March, but this time with a little more time notice beforehand. If you’re in London around that time, you should definitely come and join us; it’s a fun game and very easy to learn.