Interesting links for October 18th through October 28th:

  • Hot Cold Openings – Interesting blog post from Jane Espenson (writer on Buffy, Battlestar) about the pilot openings from tv shows and how they set the tone and atmosphere of the entire series. She gives examples from famous TV shows, like Cheers, Battlestar Galactica and (of course) Buffy.
  • TOKYOMANGO: Hair product that makes men cool & wet & wild – I love the names of these Japanese hair gels: Wild Shake, Loose Shuffle, Nuance Motion, Air Rise. Just wondering what the difference of the effect of each of them is.
  • An open letter to Apple regarding dead hobo fingers – Funny post from the Blogess about why she can't use her iPhone.
  • Exclusive: Heroes Star Brea Grant Talks About Her Speed Addiction – Interview with the new Heroes character Daphne (the Speedster as Hiro likes to call her).
  • 50 Beautiful Movie Posters – Cool collection of pretty movie posters. Some of the usual suspects are in between them, but there are also some that I'd never seen before. It's also great that the list consists of beautiful posters, disregarding the popularity/success/badness of the movie. Some terrible movies have super posters, which is such a shame, cause no one is gonna hang up a poster for a movie they didn't like.
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