New Boots

November 12th, 2008

I’ve got a wonderful pair of black knee high leather Aerosole boots (see the black pair in the image below), but a couple of weeks ago I tripped when stepping off an escalator and I may have damaged the heel. I’m not sure yet if it’s possible to fix it; it’s like the inside part of the heel broke (just a little bit though), so it’s slightly wobbly.

They haven’t died completely yet, but the past couple of weeks I’ve just been too scared to use them, in case I damage them even more. I know I should get around to bringing them to a shoe repair, but I just haven’t found the time or the right place. So in the mean time I thought I’d look for another pair shoes! (yeah, no time to bring the old shoes to a shoe repair, but I do have time to go shoe shopping)

I didn’t want a replacement to these boots though, more something that would complement them. So while the old ones had high heels, I thought I’d look for a robust flat pair that would stand a bit of rain and a long day of walking around. 

Now most of you may know my problems with shoe hunting (see previous posts). One of my feet is larger than the other, so I always have trouble finding the right shoes. I’m already quite fussy when it comes to the type of shoe (it has to meet my requirements exactly), then add to that the trouble of two different sized feet! 

I almost had given up on finding something, when Cristiano noticed a small leather shop with shoes for sale. I ended up with these boots:

New Boots

Here’s another photo:

New Boots

They’re exactly what I was looking for! Flat, black, they look like leather (they’re actually rubber), robust, rain proof, comfortable, in other words: a nice new addition to my growing shoe family (I don’t have that many pairs, only six, and that’s including my wellies and running shoes).

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